Integrative Psychotherapy

You may be feeling depressed, overwhelmed, anxious, stressed, struggling with making decisions or living with physical pain.

I consider such powerful experiences as wisdom in disguise, casting temporary shadows over your intelligence. I view my role in our therapeutic relationship as a privilege to assist you in discovering your natural well-being.

Marita Mclaughlin

Contemplative Psychotherapy offers a unique process for recognizing our basic sanity and wisdom.

Using therapeutic conversation coupled with a variety of mindfulness techniques, sanity can be uncovered as you open to the direct experience of all aspects of what comes and goes in your mind and body.

Mindfulness uses your natural capacity to perceive the details of thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations as they arise moment to moment.

Attending to your breath, mental images, gestures, and physical sensations on the spot facilitates greater awareness and clarity of thinking. With over 30 years of working with individuals, couples and families, I enjoy addressing experiences that affect all age groups, including but not limited to relationships, sexuality, addictions, anger management and grief. My degrees in Family Services and Community Counseling are complemented with over 30 years as a Meditation Instructor; over 15 years as a Buddhist Chaplain; Sensorimotor Trauma training, educated in Mediation and Conflict Resolution, Crisis Management, Parenting, and the Dying and Death process. I am a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor with membership in the American Counseling Association, the Illinois Counseling Association and the Illinois Mental Health Counselors Association.